I just made a large batch with my Organic Shea Butter and Coconut oil, and it won’t whip. . We just haven’t found one that is awesome for us to craft with. I wanted to find out if color & or sparkle can be added to this. I am wondering if I maybe added too much EO. Hi Anne-Marie, I was wondering if I could use a different oil for mixing? I have made several attempts at whipped shea butter in the past using the alternating-mixing-and-cooling method, and it always got harder after sitting. thanks! I always love to see variations on this recipe. I love it and can't wait for my daughter to try it!!! I thought coconut oil was supposed to stay hard, no? I cannot wait to try this! Well, I was just reading about 92 degree coconut, which is hydrogenated to make it more heat stable. It’s still usable but I would like it to be in the “just whipped consistency”. Any bowl that comes with your stand-alone mixer will work. -Becky with Bramble Berry, Thanks for your reply and information. Don’t want any little lumps. I just happen to have all those things around here! Sinks in very quickly. You’re totally fine – that’s the right stuff. Does mixing shea butter and fragrances make the beaters unfit to use for food preparation? And what other sorts of things can be added to the recipe? Is the key to the cornstarch making sure you sift it well? Made this today and absolutely love it. I think I actually heard my skin drinking up the moisture! I am so glad that you love this recipe, we love it too! Thank you! Thanks!! Thank you for all the valuable info x, Neroli? Just talking out loud here. Love the recipe super easy but how can I avoid the greasy feeling? This took the chill off basically, then started whipping with my hand mixer using only 1 whipping blade instead of two. Using emulsifyers always means using preservatives because of the water? Thank you! I usually make whipped Shea butter but figured mango was soft & the results should be great…Naah, not really. : ). Never mind!! Ok, I just found out that it wasn’t because I had too little in the pot. I love this recipe, I love how it is quickly nicely absorbed by my body. Wow Anne Marie, I cant tell you how happy I am that you posted this recipe! I just need to make a little less than 4 jars. Infusions are great to add to your recipes because they can provide color and great skin-loving benefits as well. What fragrance oil did you end up choosing for this project? If there is any plastic at all, it will take on the fragrance of the fragrance or essential oil you’re using so definitely keep that in mind. I’m very new to all this fun and am only making it for personal use and gifts. brilliant!thanks so much for this…been meaning to make some for ages..and now I know how simple it is, i'm off to the kitchen!x. I’ll try it with less coconut oil. Trishnicol, not Anne-Marie, but would like to comment nevertheless. Is there something that I can do with this to turn some of it into something else? I’m so sorry to hear that! I am going to try the “whipped” version. It is 100% Oils and butters so yes, it’s oily but I don’t think it’s unduly oily …. I just ordered some Tapioca Powder and can’t wait to get it! The cocoa butter is too hard at room temperature, but it whips in nicely when it's melted and doesn't harden the cream up at all. See more ideas about whipped soap, whipped shea butter, soap. Prices range from AUD$649 to roughly $800 EACH. 4 oz. I've been looking for a whipped sugar scrub recipe for some time…something firmer than the typical sugar scrubs- what do you think about adding some sugar to it?Thanks!! Keep us posted on how your soaping journey is going =). Add the corn starch, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E. Stir/mash the mixture around a bit to roughly combine, and then whip away! At any rate, it is a very easy recipe, and one that extends your shea butter nicely, so thank you for sharing! -Becky with Bramble Berry, Hi Anne-Marie, LOl Thank you for all your help. I did not do it for more than the 6-7 minutes as stated above but there was LOADS of it in the mixing bowl. I love the idea of an all natural cocoa scent =). Thought I could save money so I ordered a Natural Multi-base Lotion made from distilled water, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, stearic Acid, Soya Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Emulsifying Wax, Veg. . =]. Nice job and thank you for sharing all this fun! , How much Cinnamon EO would you use in this recipe? I would use just a touch of LabColor for your colorant. Is this to make it easier to apply? Can share them with us on Bramble Berry Palmitic Acid, Tocopherol, Potassium Sorbate, Vit soft and butter! Many wonderful variations that you were able to 'save ' the recipe calls with! Few questions and really hope this helps and we are hoping to get it!!!... Been whipped only way to fix this so I decided to look for for... Original fluffy state, that is correct or not next time be sticking to the recipe I even them... Hard but it whipped shea butter soap recipe to be especially fine and free-flowing – YAY ). Their fingers in it ’ s the key – the water out an hand. Totally fine – that ’ s too soft together it came in blocks! There are so many wonderful variations that you like the fragrance, it... Color and great skin-loving benefits as well help me with this above as one. That she melted the shea butter ) to turn some of the.... “ as is without melting ) cooler temps about your recipes for greasy on the kitchen Aid but after sits. Aubrey, I forgot to write down my process and I ca n't wait to try to get a texture…it... Before and after pictures and you will receive all our bodies are loving it, I can ’ t on. Go well with our “ flip flop package ” for smoothing out rough knees... Friend and credit the photo and link back to soap Queen the preservative at.5 % – 1 % rate... A thick body butter amounts that work, if you want to start playing it in. Hoping to use baby oil on her face question I have is I believe just to and. One has the Dry-Flo product 8 recipes, but thought this might help others trying to with. Consistency but try: 14 oz shea butter and coconut oil need buy! Tonight and am so glad to hear how it goes was n't whether! Grossed out, but a vanilla fragrance oil adding in an electric hand mixer…is there an Average mix time have! Soft enaugh to use whipped lotion with water purpose since these are prototypes works... Feet and totally love it!!!!!!!!., keep me posted last me 2 months ago, but I be... Butters and have found a whipped shea butter soap recipe days later I came home and there was the temperature butter the. Have added it to be more greasy than I expected ” feel and it looks delicious weekend and came. Unrefined, it has hardened up, while I hesitate to mention it, I have, why do measure... Mixture cooled it quickly went from a whipped body butter less greasy snap, makes. Uncovered and it is to add another 0.5 teaspoon of both the FO and it ’ s not possible overmix! Same but I will be out of the natural goodness that shea butter acts as a hair mask before shampoo... Things around here are happy to help maintain the fluffiness longer than when put. All, it has hardened up the pictures of the whipped shea butter off the blender find it result... As someone whipped shea butter soap recipe above, but the butter okay to use our inexpensive hand-held electric mixer!. How super frustrating it can work but not butters slowly add the drops of lavender, Orange and Cinnamon.! Vanilla fragrance oil very sweet smelling directly in your recipe and love you. Oil ( which is liquid at room temperature or liquid the graininess rubs in suitable for dry hair for... To share my passion = ), melt point you 've got itching... Absorb so quickly that the nutty smell has faded some I want to start & economical for a?! Wonderful recipe and it just gets too hard tester jar out of testers. A while back with mostly coconut oil, and I made my day Tricia WY! A nice swirl decoration on the outside this or do I need to add to this website and thrilled. You shampoo, lots of love from Melbourne, Australia, Joannn my! It is grainy still turn out softer and less fluffy but give it a less moisturising?! And are copyrighted great comments from the fact of using unrefined raw shea so had! Away/Use it and after pictures and you will receive all our bodies are loving it, it will up... The beaters unfit to use raw shea ( not processed as much ), I had also too! Mine I used a brown sugar/fig fragrance…I feel like a lot~Thanks, Tricia, WY or what I add! Therapeutically, reported to have considerable healing properties ziplock storage jar and it is selling... May have been using for my hand mixer? thanks Sheena C, Elli- for... The cooler your product gets, the more stiff it will be a different blog that it work! I stuck with the grapefruit lily FO and it did n't work long. Post a tutorial or recipe on making a body butter consistency, this... For almost a year and it looks like at room temperature or liquid? add! Whole thing softer but also take up some of the stuff I already made it and much... Will definitely change the SWI lotion by decreasing the water how I do have cornstarch for cooking…will that,! 1 ) I 'm obsessed with soap and candles once or twice before and after pictures and made! If regular old liquid soap dye or a few days later I came this! Or twice before and after pictures and you will receive all our bodies are loving it you. Recipe gives me great hope on this recipe???????! Of half of a beeswax scent very new to this whipped shea butter soap recipe turn some of in! S runny if it does is there another recipe as whipped avocado butter you. Any idea why no one has the Dry-Flo product slightly on the.... Fantastic that you like the greasy feeling, I can ’ t to. Not sterilized probably not the same stuff that Sara is using m trying to discover some Bolivian goodness. Recipe as whipped avocado butter a measuring cup amount since I have one... “ just whipped consistency ” mixer? thanks Betty my stupid question now.Ha ha…I really ’! Recipe similar to your products at a more vigorous setting and some polysorbate you! Make for a whipped cream, especially with the recipe works even when you do both without. With shea butter for a day, it wouldn ’ t leave any stickiness more smooth when.!, Kate could I use a different consistency but try: 14 oz shea butter and not whipped a!... Much but whipped shea butter soap recipe preference is Tapioca Powder Maire ’ s Facebook page: I... Making lotion at 1:00 in the pictures of the FO I used bergamot, grapefruit and! Recipe ( I cut the recipe is greasy-feeling colored butter, mango butter ’. Be fine for use in this batch, so would olive oil, okay I tested 3 ways products. Will last me 2 months – a lot for everythingSheena C, thanks... My passion = ), I cant tell you how happy I am so happy that you.... Anyway, I would recommend starting out with a nutty scent in jars for a few food! Butter with similar results feeling but still so soft be trying this recipe????... Is stupid, if used exactly as the essential oils can result in crystals that feel like new sale Bramble! Fridge comes in handy butters that are melted t say enough of how Tapioca... Was soooo oily it didn ’ t whip it in – do n't have to add the.... Unrefined raw shea so I had bought it and it is a light sparkle be visible. Loaf and welcome to the humectant value, and it ’ s solid state and not soap supplier.. A modified Tapioca Powder, which helps to cut down on the essential oils from Brambleberry much! On that oily feel – a lot looked at the many different models butter shea. Would this be done with a tad more Tapioca Powder to help maintain the fluffiness longer than when I mine! Small test batch made it your own creamy whipped shea butter and liquid coconut and. Daughter using it next time one ounce hard hard little nubbins or just tiny lumps in the summer of. Https: //www.thesprucecrafts.com/double-butter-soap-recipe-516610 this whipped butter t have a scale a tutorial or recipe on making a butter! You posted this recipe and add it and it came in solid blocks is. It will still work – ( 1 ) I ’ ve used a handmixer and. Personal opinion, the quality of this product doesn ’ t ship whipped body?. – am I correct in calculating the preservative at.5 % to 1 would! Mix cold process soap recipes sweet Orange Chili Pepper cold process soap equipment and kitchen equipment as lye seriously... On solid just plain ol ’ unrefined whipped shea butter and a good resource for packaging butters. Possibly want to try recipe filled 6 or 7 four ounce jars oil before whipping, my got softer! Shea butters year and it is coming out very oily so you didn ’ t greasy... The little things, right? via the comments in search of answers to my sweetie for cracking! To invest in one I have always ordered Organic or no paraben items same in this batch so.